About my practice

My practice serves a wide variety of persons, emphasizing depression and anxiety. I work with children as young as seven, but the majority of my practice now centers on work with older adolescents and adults. I work with both men and women, but, as a male therapist, I receive many more inquiries from men.

Psychotherapy is often sought by individuals who are looking to feel more hopeful and have a balanced life. When we work together, we try to develop a collaborative relationship that incorporates various elements, including expectations for outcome ("How will I know when I am done with therapy?"), open communication with my client, and the creation of an environment that fosters trust.

Specific therapeutic approaches vary by individual. I favor a pragmatic, experience-based approach that emphasizes coping skills, resilience, and each person’s strengths. I also emphasize an understanding and respect for the role that emotions play in decision-making.

Play therapy is the treatment approach for younger children, along with collaborative work with their parents. We work together to give a child a safe and private setting to speak openly, while working to help parents understand and meet their child's needs.